The Big Green Bundle

Inspiring participation in greening your organisation

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Stalled Starters

'I don't know much...'

Who are we?

  • Have strong negative opinions that climate change is too far into the future to be concerned about it and the environmental crisis is being exaggerated
  • Have the lowest knowledge about environmental issues, but we most want more environmental information
  • Have many life priorities to deal with and the environment is low on our list
  • Strongly believe our behaviour does not add to climate change
  • Are unlikely to adopt pro environmental behaviours; we are least likely to recycle or to reduce household energy usage. Most of us are satisfied with this level of activity and do not wish to do more
  • Say the main reasons for not changing our behaviour are inconvenience, difficulty, cost, others’ behaviour and ensuring our behaviour matches our lifestyle
  • See being green as embarrassing and/or an alternative way of living

DEFRA's research shows that we are likely to make up around 10% of your total workforce.

How can you motivate us to make changes?

It isn't necessarily that we don't care, it's more the case that we don't have time to care; we have a lot of things going on in our lives and more important things to think about. It's easier for us to believe that what we do doesn't have any impact on climate change, but as we'd like to know more about the environment, you do have an opportunity to dispel some of our misconceptions.

It's probably best NOT to mention things like 'climate change', 'being green', 'environmental crisis', 'saving the planet' to encourage us to change our behaviour, we’ll respond much better to other messages such as saving money, being more efficient, helping the business and so on. You'll need to make it easy for us too, otherwise we'll be able to come up with all sorts of reasons for not doing things. Alternatively, just as you might do for our colleagues the Honestly Disengaged, you could simply limit our choices – for example, turn off our PCs centrally, control our heating and air conditioning or introduce corporate work policies.