The Big Green Bundle

Inspiring participation in greening your organisation

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Positive Greens

'I do what I can and feel bad about the rest.'

'Who are we?'

  • Are highly concerned about the environment and are active in our pro environmental behaviour
  • Believe that the ecological crisis is imminent and is man’s fault
  • Are least motivated by saving money
  • Are very knowledgeable about environmental issues but less so for carbon footprints and offsetting; we would like more information on what we can do on these issues.
  • Will aim to influence friends, family and our workplace to become greener
  • Are most likely to be involved in environmental and community organisations, but our participation is still low

DEFRA’s research shows that we are likely to make up around 18% of your total workforce.

How can you motivate us to make changes?

We already know why we should be doing things so the approach you need to take with us is not about giving us information, it’s about practical action, so just hand the Bundle over; we really don’t need motivating at all and your hardest job could be keeping us in check! We can be your greatest asset for a green campaign, but be mindful that we can also become disillusioned and disengaged by half-hearted attempts to make changes.

We are very enthusiastic and if you give us the tools to influence others in our workplace, particularly those Sideline Supporters, Concerned Consumers and Waste Watchers, we will do our best to make our workplace a greener workplace.

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