The Big Green Bundle

Inspiring participation in greening your organisation

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Honestly Disengaged

'I'm living life the way I want to.'

Who are we?


  • Lack environmental interest or concern
  • Are cynical about there being an environmental crisis and will deny our behaviour contributes to climate change
  • Believe any problems will be solved without individuals needing to change their current non-environmental lifestyles
  • Are ambivalent about environmental issues and view them as irrelevant to our lives
  • Do not perceive our identity as ‘green’
  • Are locked in our behavioural habits and lifestyle and so we have the lowest levels of pro-environmental behaviour of all the segments. Many of us do nothing and are content to stay this way
  • Think others must act first, and then we may consider reviewing our own behaviour, but we make no guarantees
  • Are least likely to feel guilty about harming the environment

DEFRA's research shows that we are likely to make up around 18% of your total workforce.

How can you motivate us to make changes?

You'll find it just about impossible to get us actively involved; we're fed up with being told what to do, we are extremely sceptical and we won't be convinced by you showing us a load of stuff about the planet and climate change. Don't dismiss us as a completely lost cause though, you just need to find other reasons for us to do things. Could adopting different behaviour make such a financial saving that it makes the difference between someone being made redundant or not? We might respond to a message like that. Are there people in the organisation who we look up to or trust? If they change their behaviour we might also be convinced to change our behaviour as well.

The other thing to do is to simply limit our choices. Switch off our PCs after a certain time, control our heating or air conditioning, provide us only with the bins you want us to use. We might grumble about it, but we'll still be doing the things you want us to do.

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