The Big Green Bundle

Inspiring participation in greening your organisation

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Concerned Consumers

'I do more than a lot of people...'

'Who are we?'


  • Possess broadly pro-environmental attitudes, but with less conviction than 'Positive Greens' and 'Waste Watchers'
  • Relate to the concept of climate change, recognising our personal impact on it and our need to act, but we strongly reject the argument that mankind is reaching limits to growth and we doubt the ecological crisis is imminent
  • Consider ourselves to be environmentally friendly, with a desire to do more
  • Focus our pro environmental behaviour on our home and shopping. While we have the greenest attitudes to travel (compared to other segments), we are still car dependent and take the greatest number of flights each year
  • Are not inhibited by barriers to our pro environmental behaviour and we feel guilty about the harm we cause to the environment, but we have a tendency to exaggerate and are probably doing less than we say we are

DEFRA's research shows that we are likely to make up around 14% of your total workforce.

How can you motivate us to make changes?

The way to motivate us is to prick our conscience; we know that adopting pro environmental behaviour is the 'right thing to do' and we’re also likely to know what we should be doing. The thing is, we really want to do more, we're just a bit lazy about it, but give us some support and make things relatively easy and we'll be good ambassadors for you. Just remember that you might need to remind us every now and again of what we should be doing, so we don't slip back into old habits.

We're also likely to respond more positively to specifics rather than the more generalised message of saving the planet, because we relate better to the person impact we have on climate change. So, for example, our reason for buying green electricity is more likely to be because we understand that we can't continue to rely on fossil fuels and we think there are issues around importing energy, rather than because it might help to save a polar bear from extinction in 20 years' time.

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