The Big Green Bundle

Inspiring participation in greening your organisation

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Cautious Participants

'I’d like to do more…but others must too...'

Who are we?


  • Agree there is a pressing crisis and that there are limits to growth
  • Are pessimistic about humans’ ability to tackle climate change
  • Focus our environmental behaviour on the home, eg saving energy and water
  • Strongly believe our own actions are negated by the behaviour of others
  • Find it difficult to change our habits and our behaviour must fit our existing lifestyle
  • Feel guilty about harming the planet
  • Think being green is embarrassing and it does not fit with our identity
  • Do little but would like to do more

DEFRA's research shows that we are likely to make up around 14% of your total workforce.

How can you motivate us to make changes?

We don't want to be labelled as green, we think it's embarrassing, but we still feel guilty about the impact that we have, so there are buttons you can press. We are likely to be doing things to save energy and water at home already, but we probably wouldn't want our friends to know that unless they're doing it too, and that's the key for us Cautious Participants at work; we're more likely to adopt green behaviour if it's the normal way to be. So the culture of the place where we work is important, we need to see that everyone is doing it and you need to make it easy for us too. You might also encourage us to take action if you ask us to do if for different reasons, such as being more efficient or saving money.

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